Rudolph Planetarium Fundraising

Bring back the John Rudolph Planetarium!

Our old planetarium projector died a few years back, leaving us without a major element of our programming and outreach to budding astronomers of all ages. We’re raising funds to purchase a new projector, and build a rigid projection dome to replace the cloth dome now hanging in the meeting room. Those of you in attendance at the August 13 program at the Observatory got to see the planetarium in action when Digitalis Education gave us a demonstration of the projector we plan to purchase. All we need now is to raise the money!

The total budget for the project is $60,000 for the projector, the software license, and the rigid dome. We’ve raised enough ($47,000) to purchase the projector and software. When the projector arrives we’ll start regular programs using our existing cloth dome until we’ve raised the additional amount necessary to furnish the new rigid dome for a greatly improved planetarium experience. We only need about $10,000 more to fully fund the dome project!

Please make your donation now, and help bring the Rudolph planetarium back to life!
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