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Total Lunar Eclipse

TONIGHT!!! Sunday, May 15, 8:30 pm

UPDATE – Tonight’s forecast is iffy, but we will be at the Observatory anyway. We’ll be watching NASA’s livestream https://moon.nasa.gov/news/173/livestream-the-eclipse/ and keeping an eye on the weather. Doors open at 8 pm.

The eclipse begins while the moon is still below our horizon. We won’t see it until after it rises above the trees, around 9:00 pm. By then it will be completely eclipsed by Earth’s shadow! If we have clear skies that evening, the best places to see it are locations with a low southeastern horizon. Since Luna will be in shadow, it will be very difficult to see as it rises out of the twilight murk. Binoculars may help. Join us as we look for it from the Ritchie Observatory. Totality ends at 9:54 when the Moon begins to move out of our shadow and the light gradually returns through the partial eclipse phase. The eclipse ends at 10:55 when the Moon leaves Earth’s umbra, the dark central portion of our shadow. See “Total lunar eclipse” link for more information.

Image: https://in-the-sky.org/news.php?id=20220516_09_100

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