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Exoplanet Observation – Looking for the Colors of Skies on Other Worlds

Presenter: Natalie Allen, Johns Hopkins University and Bainbridge High Class of 2016

Ever since the discovery of the first planet around another star in the 1990s, study of exoplanets has exploded as an astronomical subfield. After just a few decades, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered from missions like the Kepler Space Telescope and Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, and exoplanet related research accounts for 25% of the observational time on large telescopes, both ground- and space-based.

As we approach the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope at the end of this year, the golden era of atmospheric characterization begins as we push the capabilities of our telescopes to their limits. As an astrophysics graduate student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Bainbridge HS Class of ’16 alumnus Natalie Allen studies the atmospheric composition of exoplanets through observation and modeling.

In her talk, Ms. Allen will describe the techniques used to observe exoplanets and the wide variety of exciting scientific questions astronomers are trying to answer with these observations – including whether Earth is a special planet to whether we are alone in the universe. Her remarks will be complementary to Michaela Leung’s recent exoplanets presentation.  

This program is open to the public.
Unfortunately, due to Covid we are unable to host this program in person. So we will stick with our tried-and-true Zoom presentation format. A live, virtual star party will follow, weather permitting.

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