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Fourth Saturday Community Hour

Saturday, June 22nd, 12 PM – 2 PM

BPAA welcomes you to our free, Fourth Saturday Community Hour where we’ll show excerpts from a thought-provoking and informative science video followed by a rousing discussion.  This month’s discussion will center around a 53-minute PBS NOVA video “NEW EYE ON THE UNIVERSE: The James Webb Space Telescope” and a selection of beautiful images taken by the JWST.

In July 2022, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope released its first images, looking further back in time than ever before to show our universe in stunningly beautiful detail.  But that was just the beginning.  With tons of new data and spectacular images flooding in, Webb is allowing scientists to peer deep in time to try to answer some of astronomy’s biggest questions.  When – and how – did the first stars and galaxies form?  And can we see the fingerprints of life in the atmospheres of distant worlds – or even within our own solar system?

Come join us to celebrate the JWST’s new eye on the universe, and to explore how it is helping to answer some of astronomy’s biggest questions.

Members Meeting & Solstice Party


We regret to announce that this Saturday, June 22nd event from 7 pm to 9 pm has been canceled. BPAA volunteers are focusing all their time and effort on finishing the intense (and exciting) construction projects around the facility. If you’re interested in helping, please fill out the form below and select the top option, “Dome Reconstruction 2024.” Or, show your support by buying the crew a coffee/lunch!

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