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Scariest Storms of the Solar System

at Ritchie Observatory is Saturday October14th, 7:30 pm.

Recent hurricanes have devastated parts of the US and the Caribbean, but how do these storm systems compare to the monster storms on the other worlds? Join astronomer Dave Fong to find out.

Afterwards, we will observe clouds and/or rain. On the off-chance the sky is clear, astronomers will be on hand with telescopes. Free to members, $2.00 donation suggested for nonmembers, $5.00 for families.

Information: (206) 842-9152
Web site:


October 14th

Asteroid Death Smash

Create the asteroid that smashed into Earth, made mountains in minutes and generated tsunamis like never before seen. Then search for fossils after the annihilation, create your own, and learn about geological dating.

All ages welcome, suggested $5 donation helps to cover costs. Two shows available, 4pm and 5pm. The 4pm show is usually blockbuster, so if you prefer less crowd join us at the 5pm show!

See the BPAstro Kids Facebook PageFB-f-Logo__blue_72

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    SUNDIAL STATUS Pictures of Sundial Construction & Installation Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.
    Deck for the Richie
    This Saturday (2/7/2015) Malcolm, Steve, Nels (l to r) & Marty were busy, knee deep in sawdust, working on the deck platform for the Richie. Once completed, the new deck will provide a single surface for observing at the telescope. A ladder will be needed but it will be much smaller and not tied to the dome. The End Result.
    The Ritchie is now a much more accessible telescope.