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Pictures of Sundial Fabrication
Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.

Upcoming Events
Next Planetarium Show / Stargazing Night at Ritchie Observatory December 13, 7 pm.  “Jupiter As a Star” What would it take to make Jupiter a Star? Join astronomer Steve Ruhl as we look at Jupiter’s place in the solar system, what it would take to make it a star, and what would happen to Earth in the process?

If the sky is clear, astronomers will be on hand with telescopes for public solar viewing prior and star-gazing afterward.

Bainbridge Community Broadcasting Podcast on the Planetarium Show

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The Fall 2014 Newsletter

  • Proof the Earth is Round
  • Sundial Construction Starting
  • Dark Sky Trip Report
  • Wide Field Narrow Band Astrophotography
  • Jim Vaughn

We are new to a web based newsletter (as opposed to pdf). If you have opinions please let us know. Thanks.



Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.


Build the concrete form for the base


Inspecting Construction at Lee Fabricators


Needing a coat of Paint

More Pictures of Sundial Fabrication are HERE!


Many thanks to One Call for All for their many years of continued support.


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Community Foundation for their support of our Sundial Project


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Island Rotary for their grant to allow us to obtain a Solar Telescope for our educational outreach programs.