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The Eclipse is Coming! The Eclipse is Coming!

at Ritchie Observatory is Saturday June 10, 8:30 pm.

The first total solar eclipse visible in the United States in 26 years will occur on August 21, 2017, and it is in our backyard! This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bainbridge Island will get a 90% partial eclipse, but the difference between 90% and 100% is day and night. Come join our June meeting to learn why this is something that you should not miss. Oregon is prime viewing area for the eclipse, and so, hundreds of thousands of people may be converging on the State. Learn how some planning will enable you to see, feel and photograph this spectacular event. .

Our presenter, Jay Bakst is a veteran eclipse chaser having seen 6 total solar eclipses around the world starting in 1979. He has travelled from the Galapagos Islands to the Black Sea and has spent over 22 minutes in totality. Jay is an amateur student of Astronomy becoming one of the first to complete the Gold program at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. He has ground his own telescope mirror. Additionally, he travelled to South America to view Halley's Comet in 1986.

Afterwards, we will observe clouds and/or rain. On the off-chance the sky is clear, astronomers will be on hand with telescopes. Free to members, $2.00 donation suggested for nonmembers, $5.00 for families.

Information: (206) 842-9152
Web site:

June 10th

Star Pilot

Learn how we navigate in our night skies and make a take home sextant!
Two shows, 4-5 and 5-6PM, suggested $5 donation for supplies, fun for the whole family!

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    SUNDIAL STATUS Pictures of Sundial Construction & Installation Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.
    Deck for the Richie
    This Saturday (2/7/2015) Malcolm, Steve, Nels (l to r) & Marty were busy, knee deep in sawdust, working on the deck platform for the Richie. Once completed, the new deck will provide a single surface for observing at the telescope. A ladder will be needed but it will be much smaller and not tied to the dome. The End Result.
    The Ritchie is now a much more accessible telescope.