History and Chronological Development

Section I: Background

B. History and Chronological Development


The Battle Point Astronomical Association (BPAA) came into being November 19. 1993 when E. Ritchie, E.M. Gardiner and J. Rudolph, all of Bainbridge Island, Washington, met and approved a Proposed Charter and Constitution dated November 12, 1993. This document included: Title, Purpose, Organization and Pro Temp Assignments.


The operational By-Laws contain relevant sections from the Constitution and two additional sections on Administration and Operations.

The legal officers currently (Spring. 2007) are:

Chairman of the Board/President: Harry Colvin

Secretary: Russ Heglund

Treasurer: Eric Cederwall


The BPAA Board consists (Fall, 1994) of seven members. Its meetings occur regularly once a month; extra meetings are called at the request of any Board member.

Officers of the Board are these positions:

  • President (Chairman of the Board)
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Facilities Officer
  • Chief Astronomer
  • Education Officer

Non-Profit Status

The Association, open to membership to all who desire to join and who will abide by the By-Laws of the Association, was chartered as a non-profit association, January 10, 1994 (#601 519 780) by the Secretary of the State, Washington. BPAA’s application to the IRS for IRS 501(c)3 (tax free) status was approved on September 22, 1994.

Helix House

Negotiations with the Bainbridge Island Park and Recreation District (BIPRD) resulted in a cooperative venture and an Agreement signed by both parties May 26, 1994, for the use of the Helix House and facilities in the Battle Point Park by the BPAA for its activities. The agreement runs for 35 years from the date of signing, and is renewable.


BPAA is organized to serve its members, and also those in the local educational system and the general public with equivalent interests.

BPAA is organized to work nationally and worldwide with other individuals and organizations concerned with astronomy, in an exchange of information, imagery and use of facilities providing mutual benefit.

The program of BPAA is based on the following assumptions: that its constituency falls into five overlapping categories of interest and participation, namely:

Builders — those interested, capable and willing to construct items, such as a telescope system, supporting facilities and improvements to the structure;Instructors — who are interested in teaching and instructing both serious students and the general public about astronomy in all of its aspects;

Independents — who are primarily interested in building elements or systems for individual projects, in association with the major elements listed above and who are interested in serious research;

Users — who are primarily interested in, and who have the capability and intent to work with facilities that are available;

Enthusiasts — who wish to learn about astronomy, keep up to date on the work of others in that field, and contribute funding and all supporting administrative efforts to maintain the Association.

As of February, 2007 the total voting membership of BPAA — honorary, single, and family — is 120 people.