The BPAA is a non-profit amateur astronomy organization, located in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

To join BPAA, print out the application/renewal form, and mail it along with your annual dues. Our mailing address is at the bottom of this page. Also, we continue to have Capital Funding requirements. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

  • At Battle Point Park is the Helix House: a two story facility operated by the BPAA. The Helix House contains the Edwin E. Ritchie Observatory: a classroom and workshop and offices and a rooftop dome houses our 27.5 inch reflector telescope. Here are the plans for construction.
  • Our newsletter is published 3 times a year, and is available on the Web site. Copies are mailed to members for a $5 fee.
  • We hold public events at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island, and other locations. We offer a guest speaker, star parties each month, and basic astronomy information.
  • Our volunteer docents give tours of the Observatory. See the events calendar for dates and times.
  • BPAA members can use our library of astronomical books and magazines.
  • BPAA members are able to use our workshop, small telescopes, and computers.
  • BPAA members get discounts on subscriptions to Sky & Telescope magazine.
  • We have a members-only email list, for information on schedule changes and astronomical happenings.
  • All members of BPAA become members of the Astronomical League, which provides numerous benefits including a quarterly magazine as well as Observing Clubs. The Observing Clubs offer encouragement and certificates of accomplishment for demonstrating observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects. These include the Messier Club, Binocular Messier Club, the Herschel 400 Club, the Deep Sky Binocular Club, the Southern Skies Binocular Club, the Meteor Club, the Double Star Club, and the Lunar Club.
  • Other activities our members are involved in include archaeoastronomy, telescope construction, and educational events for the local community.
  • Click here to find out how the BPAA has built a center for learning and discovery, and for a look at our history.

Our Mailing Address is:

Battle Point Astronomical Association
P.O. Box 10914
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110