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exoplanets-many-habitable-worldsUpcoming Events

Public Planetarium Show “Habitable Exoplanets” at Ritchie Observatory August 9, 8:00 p.m. Join astronomer Dave Fong as he examines the worlds outside our solar system that may be habitable.

If the sky is clear, astronomers will be on hand with telescopes for public solar viewing prior and star-gazing afterward.


Many thanks to all of our member volunteers who helped out with the Grand Old Fourth Booth and at The Bluegrass Festival. We had a lot of volunteers and things went very well.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

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  The Summer 2014 Newsletter

  • Summer Lunacy
  • Clark College Sundial Trip
  • The Dome ! Not the Dome Again
  • The New Solar Telescope, Out and About
  • Capturing Spring Galaxies on Bainbridge Island
  • Dark Sky Treks

This is our first web based (as opposed to pdf) based newsletter. If you have opinions please let us know. Thanks.

Due to a long standing tradition, the August board meeting is canceled due to nobody being around in August ;-)


Many thanks to One Call for All for their many years of continued support.


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Community Foundation for their support of our Sundial Project



Many thanks to the Bainbridge Island Rotary for their grant to allow us to obtain a Solar Telescope for our educational outreach programs.


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