BPAA at the Bluegrass Festival Saturday July 26

BPAA is opening the observatory for tours from 1- 6 p.m. We’ll be viewing the surface of the sun and its atmosphere through our two solar telescopes and giving continuous planetarium shows about constellations, meteor showers, solar storms, auroras, planets, stars, gas clouds, galaxies and more.

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Public Planetarium Show “Exoplanets : Redux” at Ritchie Observatory July 12, 8:30 p.m..Join astronomer Steve Ruhl as he examines the worlds outside our solar system – exoplanets. How do we see them, what do exoplanets tell us about our solar system and are there other habitable worlds out there? (Last month we were off topic due to a mix-up hence the redo.)If the sky is clear, astronomers will be on hand with telescopes for public solar viewing prior and star-gazing afterward.
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Many thanks to the Bainbridge Island Rotary for their grant to allow us to obtain a Solar Telescope for our educational outreach programs.


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