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Solar Eclipse October 23rd. The good news is that we are expecting a partial solar eclipse on Thursday. The bad news is that at this point (Monday Afternoon), the weather guessers at NOAA are saying 80% chance of rain.We live in an area where the weather makes it difficult to plan astronomical events. If the weather looks like it is going to cooperate, the observatory will be open with solar telescopes during the eclipse. Eclipse begins at 1:36 pm, peaks at 3:01 pm, and is over at 4:20 pm.Questions:president@bpastro.org 

Next Planetarium Show / Stargazing Night at Ritchie Observatory November 8, 7 pm. Topic to be announced.Upcoming Classes


Advanced Amateur Astronomy & Observation

Join Dave & Steve of BPAA for a much deeper examination of Amateur Astronomy. Topics will include star hopping, celestial sphere, deep sky objects, make vs. buy decision for obtaining a telescope, astrophotography processing and using computer controlled telescopes like the 27.5” Ritchie. (No Class on 11/27). Held at Ritchie ObservatoryThursday evenings starting November 13 through December 11 at 7:30 pm. $39
Sign up is through BI Parks ( http://www.biparks.org/) The course code is: 531851-01

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The Fall 2014 Newsletter

  • Proof the Earth is Round
  • Sundial Construction Starting
  • Dark Sky Trip Report
  • Wide Field Narrow Band Astrophotography
  • Jim Vaughn

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Many thanks to One Call for All for their many years of continued support.


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Community Foundation for their support of our Sundial Project



Many thanks to the Bainbridge Island Rotary for their grant to allow us to obtain a Solar Telescope for our educational outreach programs.


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