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Pictures of Sundial Fabrication
Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

Next Planetarium Show / Stargazing Night at Ritchie Observatory is May 9, 8:00 pm.  “All Things Saturn” Free to members, $2.00 donation suggested for nonmembers, $5.00 for families.

Saturn, the ringed wonder of the solar system, is now rising in the late evening eastern sky. BPAA President Steve Ruhl looks at the spectacular planet’s structure, its more than 60 moons, the rings, and their dynamic interactions.

If the sky is clear, we’ll also check out the real thing through the telescopes of BPAA astronomers.

Intro to Amateur Astronomy – Spring Sky Class  Find your way around the night sky Split between indoor class time and hands on telescope time,  topics include constellations, star hopping, planets, nebulas, galaxies, strange sky phenomena, and much more. Signup at BI Parks  Class code: 131860-01 Thursdays  7:30– 9:30p  4/9–5/14   $59

Adv. Astronomy & Observation Class Join us for a deeper examination of amateur Astronomy topics such as celestial spheres, deep sky objects, making vs. buying a telescope, astrophotography, and using computer controlled telescopes like the 27.5” Ritchie.  Signup at BI Parks  Class code: 131861-01 Thursday  7:30– 9:30p   5/21–6/11 $39

Featured Items

Progress on the Richie Dome



Deck for the Richie

This Saturday (2/7) Malcolm, Steve, Nels (l to r) & Marty were busy, knee deep in sawdust, working on the deck platform for the Richie. Once completed, the new deck will provide a single surface for observing at the telescope. A ladder will be needed but it will be much smaller and not tied to the dome.


Please donate to our Sundial Project so we can finish. Thank you.


Build the concrete form for the base


Inspecting Construction at Lee Fabricators


Needing a coat of Paint

More Pictures of Sundial Fabrication are HERE!


Many thanks to One Call for All for their many years of continued support.


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Community Foundation for their support of our Sundial Project


Many thanks to the Bainbridge Island Rotary for their grant to allow us to obtain a Solar Telescope for our educational outreach programs.